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tv   [untitled]    July 1, 2011 2:01am-2:31am EDT

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the greek government office even then does a stake in a whole range of national companies to get the country back on track but many say it's the people who are being put up for sale. the security council resolution against libya because all the fake media reports one day everybody in the world is seeing the libyan libyan navy is bombing the heart of what often is the. maze that is in the middle of there's that insight into nato bombing of libya with colonel gadhafi son an exclusive interview with r.t. also. who was the government accountable on your own american citizens people was born right here on american soil you this is a shame as three men each get twenty five years in jail off an f.b.i. sting operation questions are being raised about u.s. tactics in fighting homegrown terror.
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you're watching r.t. welcome to the program our top story now greece is now set for a lifeline from the e.u. the parliament passed a vote on how to implement tough new austerity measures the cuts tax hikes were a condition for twelve billion euro distant rescue cash however the move sent thousands of angry protesters onto the streets of athens and this center first reports plans to sell off the greek assets to the highest bidder also fanning the flames. greece is not for sale the message from a furious public has plans to sell off many greek assets pushes ahead quick so incredibly proud of their heritage many people feel that the privatization proposals is simply stripping grace of public assets potentially up for grabs for
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the lenders banks water companies and train operators among many more at stake in the large telecommunications company aig he is also the sale with the. o.t. there's been a continuous crime for the past twenty years they've sold off our company piece by piece and now we only own a small percentage but that small stake is extremely important to the greek people but they want to sell even that. is a huge turn for the present government who were heavily opposed to the sale of eighty shares when they were acting as opposition. they called it a national crime when the previous government sold shares now they want to do the same and sell the shares now at a low price we don't think we'll see investment or any development of it to you we think the only thing others will care about is profit profit profit. big continuous calls from the public to refuse the aggressive privatization proposals set forth by
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the troika has seemingly gone unheard of their breasts are from the european union is there a mendel's we would talk about blackmail i guess the greek government critics have argued that they backing a bailout acting out of self-interest keeping profits private lets their losses say she lies nothing you hear is not like greeks have to stretch back into deep history to figure this out we can look at latin american we can look at countries all over the world where the i.m.f. has come in and sacrificed and plundered the nation for corporate consolidation and the prime minister happened during a stake of avoiding the countries can upset all cost that many in our. asking just how high a price he's willing to pay someone dies there's something very tragic occurs that's going to be a catalyst for i think of all this government the e.u. has stated fairly there's no plan b. to the a stereo he measured as being enacted buses theory bills on the streets might be
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time they thought of one. sarafan r.t. athens. where eurozone finance ministers will now start working out the final details of the athens rescue package which is likely to be ready shortly. or professor cost us from the university of london says the bailouts with effectively hundreds of greek sovereignty to you international monetary fund. this measures mean that the salaries and pensions of people in the public sector have been cut to up to forty percent they mean that unemployment is going up to about sixteen percent with forty five percent of huge unemployment in it which means that the whole generation of young vic people is being destroyed they mean one hundred fifty thousand jobs lost in the public sector and they mean that some of the most important utilities like power like electricity power what is being sold off of this is absolutely unprecedented in any western european countries for the last
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one hundred years so that is the economic part of it this is an i.m.f. imposed totally neocolonial set of measures and politically again these neocolonial because it is not just the government that has been asked to accept these measures they were insistent demand that the opposition all opposition parties should accept it so we have a situation in which the main structure of greece has now moved from athens into brussels and the other european centers and the greek politicians and the greek public has been asked really to implement whatever they've been decided that. that was no professor costas to. london and speaking on how the terms of the pain that are going to affect the greek people. moscow has raised concern over france's admission that its military supplied the weapons to rebels in libya russia's foreign minister said the move could be seen as
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a serious violation of the u.n. arms embargo it was the first holiday to them has owned up to supplying weapons to libya since the beginning of a campaign the u.n. mandate on libya falls short of authorizing a ground invasion owning sides of our military action to protect civilians but hasn't gone completely to plan the alliance already confirming multiple civilian casualties caused by astroids party talked exclusively with his son who says their terms in the way of targeting. they hit a house of a friend of my father in the whole family. the wife pregnant died two young girls of the day and again we are hitting a military site. a plane a president why. with. the control and commanding libyan
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troops. come out. it's pretty silly and there are some people saying that if gadhafi is the fighting will stop store. course not because if your goal is the goal is to control libya. is going to leave you this is the target. and the libyans will not allow them to do that. so the fight will continue what do you think about media war who is winning in this war at the beginning the one. where they want. the one because it was planned from beginning to get out. collapsed that i was really and that if you got. into it because the whole country. still now suffering from that case but now the libyans. are we are one day everybody and they were saying the libyan libyan navy is bombing the harbor off mr. maes that is in the middle of the desert it's one
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thousand kilometers on near the libyan ships there are bombing the harbor of mr excuse me assess the security council issued their resolution against libya because of a fake media report seeing that the libyan air force is bombing. a military civilian districts in tripoli and killing seven thousand people due to the problems both and harry they want to push the soonest possible because the are hungry. tired they want to share the cake. the slake for them libya is like fast food like mcdonald's fast because every should be fast fast fast airplanes fast bullets fast victory. but we are very patient because we are in our country so
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we're going to. wait and see more of our exclusive interview in just twenty minutes time here in r.t. we can always find it on our website. gyptian court has postponed the trial of two policemen accused of beating a businessman to death last year instant his thoughts to help the country's uprising that ousted president barrack in february meanwhile officials have ordered a recent rash of tara. out of people two days of test activists are angry with the prosecution of senior officials and police. station for since the world journalist afshin rattansi says the current leadership is when people's demands. the government such as it is has not responded to the concerns of the people there strikes at the suez canal transportation workers people being
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killed again on the streets of cairo not a peep out of the corporate media and meanwhile we have william burns in cairo talking with mr turn towie the provisional head the moment of the government and even the trial of the interior minister who is hated so much and be interior minister and also mubarak has been adjourned people are not getting what they thought they were getting when they toppled hosni mubarak we must remember that joe biden and hillary clinton didn't want also mubarak to go as well as mubarak and his cronies so many of them are retaining power and it's a very dangerous situation and we mustn't forget what's crucial here for be as rational. outlook is this is going to l. that's where trade goes through and it is the most populous country arab country in the arab world and we're not hearing anything about it in the corporate news it's as if that revolutions done and dusted in the egyptian people. still to come on the program might be minimal impact for downing street could be back soon loans from people's wallets thousands of civil servants and teachers take to the streets of
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the u.k. striking against their pensions being slashed and you say the government there are simply looking for scapegoats. and fighting terror or feeling it on these between islamabad and washington for the killing of a solid bin laden these to pakistan demanding u.s. shots draw backs. three men convicted of trying to blow up synagogues in new york have each been sentenced to twenty five years in prison but the case has raised a huge controversy after they were actually incited by the f.b.i. and handed fake bombs critics claim it was a setup but the judge said her hands were tied with an important report. for nearly a decade the u.s. has waged a widespread global war on terror its required multitasking military effort overseas on the domestic front u.s.
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officials have decided to double down recently announcing counterterrorism plans that refocus resources on combat in homegrown plots this is the first kind of turns a strategy that focuses on the ability of al qaeda and its that work to inspire people in the united states to attack us from within yet in countless so-called f.b.i. sting operations f.b.i. operatives provided the fake c four and actually showed them a fake stinger missile the inspiration to attack america has come from a government paid informant working to orchestrate the plan a tactic critics say exercised in a new york case dubbed newberg for. the suspects poor illiterate african-american muslims were presented as the faces of homegrown terrorism and subsequently found guilty of conspiring and attempting terrorist attacks against the u.s. no direction by a foreign entity or real terrorist group instead direction came from shahid hussain
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a pakistani immigrant on the f.b.i. payroll reportedly paid one hundred thousand dollars for his services according to court testimony hussein recruited the cash strapped former convicts by offering cars and cash to carry out the operation for the division was a. bomb jewish facilities here in the bronx and also take down a military aircraft. yet not one defendant had a passport or license but what the government had was an agent provocateur tor who testified in court as a key witness a guilty verdict for all four men why it went islamic caliphate the same day a new counterterrorism strategy was touted the new birth four were sentenced to twenty. five years in prison by tearful and anger a crowd of supporters gathered outside manhattan's federal courthouse who was a government accountable turn on your own american citizens people was born right here on american soil you this is a damned shame. miscavige
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a justice and we will keep fighting back the government should not be allowed to travel for some make. the full force. to victims and since the twenty five. f.b.i. informants have reportedly been used in dozens of so-called foiled plots since nine eleven critics say hundreds of americans are languishing behind bars for fake terror attacks planted and grown by the u.s. government our tax dollars are being used to incentivize criminals to manufacture terror plots like that they catch other people up in i can't see how that in any way benefits the country that means they can pick anybody out from new york city or course the united states and make a play you have to be very careful very aware of who you speak to who you are around because you have many. agents you have many informants that are out
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there that they are using the u.s. federal judge said outrageous government behavioral was after size in the case of the new york for expressing doubt that convicts would of or would a planned attack without the f.b.i. informant however the specific charges against the men require a mandatory minimum sentence of twenty five years in prison prosecutors say they manufactured what would have been up home lost so much that if carried out and quote the fact that it was fake doesn't matter or enough or not artsy new york. normal service resumes in the u.k. today nationwide strike against pension cuts for hundreds of thousands of public sector workers. disruption to large parts of the country schools airports courthouses and employment centers were affected by the display of the calls by the coalition governments austerity plans activist daniel garvin says the tough spending cuts penalizing the wrong people the government's line is that any any
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changes to the pensions or any other public safety cuts are entirely necessary because we have such a large debt we need to remember where this debt came from this debt came from eight hundred fifty billion pounds that was pumped into the banking sector a couple of years ago and still continues to this day so we have a debt and now we've got to ask ourselves how do we deal with that and instead of going after the balance that caused the financial crisis and some of the wealthiest people in our society the government plans to basically go after ordinary working people a huge amount of anger in this country because it's incredibly unfair that ordinary working people who have nothing to do with the financial crisis are being asked to pay for a crisis that was caused by the violence yet to really come in in britain you know at the moment because it's a kind of academic debate there are bound to really start hitting people's pockets the right to start hitting people are going to notice the people going to notice jobs being lost are going to notice their welfare payments being caught people
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going to start losing their homes etc and when once this really. comes begin to redeploy i think that's where we're going to start seeing the relying on the streets. more news in the eye catching videos always online few at r.t. dot com here's a taste of what's lined up a few right now it's a massive second to defensive retards leaving behind three or so many are some where the cia chief who succeeded him to change the pentagon's policy is. a russian scientist says a meeting with extraterrestrial life is just around the corner even the claims to know what they need to look like working towards your goal to find out and check out all of the students on the you tube. is he. going to be.
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the official auntie obligation your only phone oh i pod touch from the shops to. video on demand all t's mine old girls and streets now in the palm of your. question on all t.v. dot com. pakistanis urging the u.s. to shut down and leave an air base in the country's southwest the facility has served as a launch pad for washington's drone attacks against militants on the volatile afghan border but just on a political analyst. says the only way to stop the violence is to end the so-called
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war on terror. one of the main reasons for the for the continuation of violent activity on the pakistan of gonna stand border is the mess that the us military has created inside of coniston over the past decade the mass there the way they have alienated a large portion segment of the afghan population in terms of the push to try to the way they have conducted the war on terror there the way they have alienated a large pockets really of the country is a big reason for why we have a country new ation of violence in afghanistan and how that violence is spilling over into pakistan and most pakistani commentators believe now that one of the ways short shortcuts really to controlling violence and extremism on the pakistan afghanistan border is really to end the war on terror the way the u.s. military and the way the cia has been conducting this war over the past ten years one step forward is of course what president obama has declared but still words
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where you get to see really actions on the ground and we have yet to see whether important agencies within the u.s. government like the central intelligence agency the cia would really cooperate. every for look now at some other international stories we're covering today china is celebrating our ninetieth birthday of its ruling communist party which is also the largest political party in the world top officials are attending a grand ceremony in central beijing with thousands gathered to mark the day when i say she first emerged as a small group of intellectuals and now presides over the world's second largest economy president hu jintao praised the party's achievements one hour but added that corruption cost them the trust and support of the people. miners were in president hugo chavez has given his first televised address since on the verge of the surgery in cuba sent a second operation was turned out to remove the transfer. it follows surgery on the
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tenth of june to move public abscess chavez said he was to turn to the company's health reform that is now on the way to a full recovery. one of two french journalists freed after eighteen months in afghan captivity believes there was an exchange deal involved in running in prisoners it's all about have also said several of its jail commanders had been freed from prison t.v. reporter and it's time allotted take her along with afghan colleagues in late two thousand and nine while filming in remote mountains afghan government has denied any prisoner exchange took place. and the un back to tribunals has issued arrest warrants in connection with murder in two thousand and five of lebanon's former prime minister hariri officials say the warrants name for senior members of his without the group has denounced the tribunal and about to take action against it reviews killed along with twenty two others in early two thousand and five in
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central beirut a bomb exploded as his car passed by. disappeared minutes you can see our exclusive interview with colonel gadhafi son first all the business news with here. hello and welcome to business here in r.t. the customs union between russia belarus and kazakhstan comes into action as three countries remove control on internal borders from now on the union members will have customs service only on their external borders and will share the traffic information between each other a trilateral union function since january two thousand and ten when russia but it was kazakhstan unified that customs towels. and staying with the customs union crisis stricken bellows has asked russia to freeze the price it pays for gas minsk is currently buying russian gas at lower prices than the european average over the
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benefits were planned to end this year now means claims that a common economic zone should simply equal gas prices so that no price changes are expected this year but it has not commented on whether future discounts are possible analysts say the gas monopoly could lose up to three billion dollars next year if prices are frozen. russia has lifted a all was a year long battle in grain exports the embargo was imposed to avoid domestic shortages following a heat wave that devastated one third of the country's crops the bad called world we prize is to rise to the highest level for two years but optimistic harvest forecasts have prompted russia to return to the global grain market and follows could harvest up to nineteen million tons of grain this year that's up fifty percent compared to last year on the exchanges wheat is currently trading at around six hundred thirteen dollars. now let's take a look at the markets for those moving lower after seeing gains in previous
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sessions light sweet is trading at around ninety four dollars a barrel and bread is at around one hundred eleven dollars per barrel now asian markets rise after greece approves all sturdy measures to avoid debt default japanese the chinese. bad thing to kick off when you quarter on a positive note exporters are leading the advance work to your game. and here in moscow the r.t.s. is little changed at the start of the trading session declining less than one percent of my success still caused rosner after russia's biggest oil producer at boston well now it's may kill the country's largest. now as the eurozone problems remain one of the main issues on the markets. from gasper bank expects investors to take sideline positions the market is is nervous and shaky european debt situation and not just greece but all overall i think gives a lot of uncertainty to investors when the other hand after greece is at least for
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some time is out there is no significant risk on the horizon as well so that's why i think he and including the summit i mean. the liquidity and the level of what you mustering will be huge it will be. sidelined training for the next i guess couple of weeks. britain's bring in a new hand to bribery law is going to affect foreign companies with links to the u.k. as agreement group or as from london its impact might not be what was originally intended. critics say that has been blurred and may not be really in force but britain's bribery x. has to be called watch it affects the operations of the overseas companies with u.k. links and while it may not make much difference for large international firms who already have to comply with stricter u.s. regulations it will make a difference for smaller companies also the act does not take into account the
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emerging markets and it of course in those emerging economies corruption and bribery is part of corporate culture and it comes to corruption and bribery russia takes the cake according to transparency international russia is one of the most corrupted nations on earth and that is not the cake that russia enjoys eating as a matter of fact fighting corruption is one of the main goals of russian officials and this act may actually help russia along the way of fighting corruption. that's a business update for this hour while back with more in about forty five minutes from meanwhile stay with us for headline news with kerry. if six six. six. going.
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to eat. to the limits to the futurists six years to feel
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safe. thanks. thanks. thanks thanks thanks. thanks. if. if. you want a.


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